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北大开设牛津校园 – Peking University to open new Oxford campus

Peking University president Prof Lin Jianhua said: “It is our hope that the new initiative in Oxford will further strengthen the school’s international reputation as well as its teaching and research capabilities.”

The campus will host its first group of visiting students from China next spring is expected to be fully functioning by the summer of 2018.

In September, Times Higher Education ranked Peking University 29th in the world.

Jon Silversides, a partner at estate agent Carter Jonas, said the Open University is due to vacate the premises in May and added: “We wish the business school every success in their investment in the UK.”

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伦敦以前是大学的昂贵选择。 学费与美国学费相似,消费成本大于美国和伦敦以外的学费。 这受到各种文化和经济机会的抵制。
然而,自从布雷克斯特在2016年以来,就有更多的机会在伦敦学习和生活。 英国英镑的价值下降使英国比2013年便宜20%。此外,欧盟到英国的学生人数下降,为非欧盟学生提供了更多的机会。

伦敦有很多大学,也有各种文化和专业活动。 它是现代和古典的融合,拥有近500年的稳定政府。






伦敦的许多城市都被认为是全球学术界的神经中心。 在其大学之中,目前的领导人是伦敦大学学院(伦敦大学学院)和帝国理工学院,分别在QS世界大学排名2016-2017年排名第七和第九。

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伦敦是第三个最好的学生城市 (英语) London is the 3rd best student location now – QS Best Student Cities

London is still not exactly a cheap option. For international students, tuition fees at the city’s top universities approach those charged in the US, while home and EU undergraduate students are feeling the impact of fee increases implemented since 2012. In addition, rent and living costs are significantly higher in London compared to the rest of the UK.


Yet thanks to the concentration of world-class universities, professional and social opportunities, and a mind-boggling cultural confluence that mixes the corporate and the alternative, the historical and the cutting-edge, studying in London may well be worth every penny.





Few cities in the world can rival London’s credentials as a nerve-center of global academia. Among its fleet of internationally ranked universities, the current leaders are UCL (University College London) and Imperial College London, which rank 7th and 9th respectively in the QS World University Rankings® 2016-2017.



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研究成本指南 – Cost of studying in England

















Wherever your child wishes to study, there are costs to be considered, the main costs are:

Tuition fees

Living costs such as accomodation, bills food and drink etc





If you are from outside the EU, the UK tuition costs for undergraduate courses ranges from £10,000 (83,000) to £35,000 (290,000) depending on type of course and university.

Scholarships do exist but can be difficult to aquire.

Living costs can vary, London is the most expensive place in England, where accomodation including bills can cost £650/month and up.

Healthcare is free to EU citizens, but health insurance can be purchased.

Visas have fixed costs, and whilst substantial, aren’t expensive when compared to the tuition costs.


Despite being one of the most expensive countries in the world according to world rankings. The UK currency is now much cheaper to purchase this year compared to the previous 150 years.



Before June 2016 it would cost 9500 yuan to buy £1000, now it costs 8300 yuan to buy £1000


This makes it the ideal time to apply to study in the united kingdom





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Mixed China and United Kingdom flag, three dimensional render, illustration

DAXUE EDUCATION是一家新成立的独立教育顾问公司,总部设在伦敦。

让我介绍一下自己,我是创始人,我的名字是克里斯·莫里斯,我在不同的教育部门,包括支持,教学和行政方面有12年的经验。 我在英国,澳大利亚和中国有经验。


– 学习英语
– 学生签证
– 帮助在外国安排法律帮助


DAXUE EDUCATION is a newly formed independent education consultant company based in London.

Let me introduce myself, I am the founder and my name is Chris Morris, I have 12 years experience in varying sections of education, including support, teaching and administration. I have experience in the United Kingdom, Australia and China.

We have staff in London and in Shandong, China.

We can help you with the following services:
-university applications
-studying english abroad
-student visas
-liason with university
-help arrange legal help in the foreign country

If you have any enquiries, you can contact me on weixin: systemchris85